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Electric Gates

Electric gates are operated by small electric motors controlled from a circuit panel or hand held remote. You have no doubt seen them on industrial facilities, gated estates, and garage doors. But what about the residential house? You can get your Electric gates made to any size or shape. In addition, we can make them for you of any material to match or contrast with your fence, house or property. Fencing By Freddy will also match the weight of your gate with the power of its motors. This is to ensure smooth operation. They will also consult with you on design and advise you on a suitable gate for your purpose.

Advantages of Electric gates

Secure - cannot be opened without access to the remote or code.
You can easily open the gates in bad weather from the comfort of your vehicle.
Physically challenged people do not need to strain or get in and out of vehicles to open the gates.
Saves time while you are very busy.
Gates can be made tough to withstand forces from the motors.
Your can accommodate your sense of aesthetics in the design of the gate.