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Garden Gates & Fencing

First of all you have no limits when it comes to garden gates and fences. Gates can be made from metals such as steel, aluminium, metal lattice, chainwire or mesh. They can also be PVC, timber slat, panel, picket or wood lattice. You can combine these materials in your garden gate for a unique look. Furthermore Fencing By Freddy can make your gates swing or slide depending on your needs and your space.


The gates can match the fence or be a contrasting style. For example you could have a timber fence and a fancy tubular metal gate. Do you prefer the rustic cottage or farm look? Or perhaps strong, trim and secure? You can even make your gate an artistic feature in a plain fence. Your gate can either be welcoming or give a firm message to keep out. Or it can be neutral, classy or mysterious. Gates and fences between spaces in your garden can take your visitors on a journey of discovery. Your imagination can go for it! Of course the same options apply to gates and fences for commercial properties. You can choose security as well as good looks and be quite creative with your designs.