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About Glass fence for swimming pools

We use Glass fence for swimming pools because of the need for safety barriers. Do you have a swimming pool to fence off safely? We must comply with the safety laws on our properties. We value our children and we also value the design and look of our gardens and buildings. Some people prefer glass to metal fencing - both have their benefits. You may not want the barred look of metal fencing. Therefore glass would be a good choice for you. They are made of tough shatterproof glass because the manufacturers comply with Australian safety standards. The gates are made to match.

Benefits of Glass fences for swimming pools

Small dogs and cats cannot enter the pool compound because there are no gaps for them to squeeze through (unlike some of the more open metal fences).
Looks very unobtrusive therefore you can see your pool and get a clear view of everyone around it.
Very elegant stylish appearance.
Does not rust or degrade over time.
Especially relevant is that the glass panels will not form dangerous splinters if broken.

Fencing By Freddy can assist you with custom glass fences and gates for your requirements. We comply with Australian pool fence standards.