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What is steel lattice?

Steel lattice refers to sheets of strong latticework in various patterns. You can use it for full size fences, either low or high. They can also be added on top of fences for extra privacy and security. Or you can use them as decorative elements. The lattice can be contructed of slats (like normal fence palings), fine tubes or pressed metal lattice. In addition to these basic designs, the lattices comes in square or diamond patterns.

What are the benefits of steel lattice?

You can colour contrast the frame and sheeting colours for effect.
Alternatively you can match the lattice colour to your fence or surrounds.
The lattice is available in different spacing sizes.
Steel is very strong.
It requires no maintenance.
Metal lattice resists pest attack. You might consider this if you live in any of the coastal suburbs such as North Shore, Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs. This is because they are termite high risk areas.