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security fencing

What is slat screen and louvre fencing?

Instead of the usual vertical palings, slat screen or louvre fences have smooth slats placed horizontally. The slats can be spaced apart for a lighter look, or closed together for maximum privacy for security fencing wiltshire. Do you want to screen off rubbish bins, swimming pool, carport or barbeque area? Slat screens can suit many purposes. While they can be full-size fences, you can also mount them atop existing walls, or fill a corner. You can even combine them with other types of fence or wall in many stylish ways.

security fencing wiltshire

What are the benefits of slat screen and louvre fencing?

The horizontal slat style has a calming, peaceful feel to it.
Smart modern architectural look.
Create privacy without feeling boxed in.
Foster a sense of quiet enclosure of intimate areas.
Provide basic security without looking imposing.
Therefore excellent for small spaces.
Can be aluminium or timber, in a vast range of shapes, sizes and colours.
Highly customizable.
Low maintenance.
You can use the open-slat style to protect plants from wind while providing some light.

Tips for termite areas

You might want to consider using metal or treated timber slats if you live in a potential termite-risk area.